Toilet & Urinal Augers

Toilet & Urinal Augers

Get The Best Toilet Auger At DrainX

Clogged toilets are a nightmare and the plumbers are not always available and are costly as well. You should buy a toilet auger at DrainX , which are efficient and handle the job well.

DrainX offers handy toilet augers that reach inside the toilet and remove the clogs so that you are spared from the dirty clogged toilets and the mess that comes with it. The well-designed auger for the toilet makes the cleaning effortless by moving into the pipe and removing the blockage. These great handy tools are also known as closet augers or toilet snakes.

They are a bit different from other plumbing tools and have a protective rubber sleeve to ensure there are no scratches on the toilet bowl. This affordable toilet snake by DrainX will save you from paying unnecessary money for such a simple task.

Urinal Augers For Offices And Other Commercial Buildings

Urinals are usually found in offices, restaurants, and malls. With the amount of usage, there are always chances of clogging. Drainx Urinal Augers is a great tool to have as it helps you unclog the cloged urinals effortlessly. They can go in narrower spaces where standard snakes can't, making them an ideal tool to removing toughest clogs.

Don’t waste your time anywhere elese, and buy a high-quality toilet snake solution at!