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The only time you can really discover a clogged drain is when water is flowing from an overflowing toilet and when you find yourself standing in a stagnant puddle of water in the shower that drains slowly, leaving behind a ring of residue that makes you feel icky! Worst of all is when the drain water flows out from another drain in the house, bringing with it an awful smell.

This problem multiplies with the unavailability of a plumber or a high plumbing cost. DrainX manufactures plumbing snake auger and other plumbing equipment to provide you a cost effective and easy to operate solution for these problems.

Unclogging The Main Drain With A Drain Auger

Drain pipes are all interconnected, with pipe ending in the main drain line. If you find clogs in more than one fixture, you have to check the main drain line, which typically is under the foundations. DrainX, drain augers simplifies the task of cleaning the main drain line by reaching in difficult places and remove the clogs.

Get the clogged drains cleaned and flowing again by choosing the best darin auger at DrainX which takes less time and effort to get rid of nasty smells and overflowing drains. Besides, the damages caused by leakages and a cost of house repairs would be far less if you have solutions available at home provided by Drainx.

Protect your home and health with the affordable and quality draining tools and solutions by DrainX.