Drain Bladders

Drain Bladders

Fight Greasy Drains With Drain Bladders

When you have a difficult drain stoppage caused by grease, sludge, or build-up, you need a drain bladder to remove the stubborn clog. A drain bladder is a special tool to solve the most difficult blockage to allow a clear and free passage in the clogged drains.

How Does The Drain Cleaning Bladder Work

Also known as a blow bag by OG plumbers, this device acts as a heavy rubber expansion balloon with a pressure-sensitive release valve attached. When using the drain bladder, an ordinary water hose is attached to one end, and the bladder is inserted into the choked drain.

The drain bladder is filled up with water and is closed to prevent any access to it. Once this bladder fills up like a balloon and is full of water, it reaches a point of pressure where the outlet opens, pushing forth a strong stream of water that, with it’s sheer force, clears out the clog and backage. In case the drain is not fully open, you can repeat the process until the clog is fully cleared out.

DrainX manufactures top-end drain cleaning bladders that are able to handle the cleaning of difficult drain problems. It is very important that you have the right equipment. Otherwise, you risk drain spills that, apart from creating a mess, can sometimes cause damage to the home’s structure.

Sometimes if a drain pipe bursts inside the wall of your house, you have to deal with smells, and the repairing cost as well.

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