Unclogging my sink!

Unclogging my sink!

By Lenny Cardenas - High Point, North Carolina

I have no idea that cleaning pipes and unclogging my sink will be to frustrating at times. That's why I did some research and came to a conclusion that I should have a tool that can help me solve my issues with regards to my home's pipes, bath tub and shower. Cleaning them was never my forte at first, but when I saw DrainX 25 FT Heavy Duty Ergonomic Load Support Drain Auger Plumbing Snake, my perspective in cleaning them changed all too swiftly.

After ordering this bad boy on Amazon for a mere $24.99 with one year warranty, I was a skeptic at first. I thought this is too good to be true. Maybe a scam, even. But lo and behold, when I read the instructions and tried to unclog my sink for the first time using it's 25 foot cleaning cable, everything seems to be too easy. I did the same on my clogged bath tub, and shower pipe which now make water flow easily when I turned the knob.

The only thing it can't do is unclog my toilet, which is made of porcelain. Because it might get damaged by the metal cable. All in all, this tool works wonders on how easy it is to maintain and clean your pipes at home. A must recommend for families everywhere. I'll give this a solid 10/10!

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