Highly rated, and very easy to use hand auger!

Highly rated, and very easy to use hand auger!

By Jazmyn Hood - Minot, North Dakota

Have you ever had one of those days when you're just going home after work and just wanted to take a nice hot shower but you discovered that your shower is backed up? Or when you come across a clog in your kitchen or office sink and it just ruins your whole day? Yeah, those days are rough. But, what if you had your very own solution, a very reliable product that is easy to use? That would make those “Clogged” days that “Drain” you out, a whole lot smoother!


Having the knowledge of how to work a drain snake, or in a more professional term, a hand auger, could be a life AND money saver for you in the future.

After doing some research online, I have found a very reliable, highly rated, and very easy to use hand auger! Your new go-to tool when the sink or your shower is acting up. As seen on Amazon, Walmart, retailers nationwide, and now direct to you on their website, DrainX.com.  Check out the 50ft (go the distance) Heavy Duty Drain Auger. A drain snake is an excellent tool both for beginners and master plumbers. It cleans clogged drains easily without so much hassle and a simple turn of the knob! My worries about our home's pipes quickly dissolved away because of this beauty. It's really easy to use once you get the hang of it. It has a thumb support that allows for a better grip, when clearing your pipes at home, or the office.

I even let some of my friends and family members try it out on their homes as well, I kinda feel like I should have charged them. Reading through their website, you can see that it has a one year warranty so you can have that peace of mind when using DrainX to solve your problems. Let those predicaments about clogged drains and showers melt away with this miracle of a tool. It is very affordable, less than $25 with free shipping, and you have a very efficient go-to solution right at your fingertips!

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