Big Family with Bigger Drain Issues

Big Family with Bigger Drain Issues

By Jeanette Cattulo - Newark, New Jersey

Most of us don't know what's happening in our pipes when it comes to everyday use. So when they begin acting up, we usually don‘t know what to do. After being the confused home owner for way too long, I found a tool that solves all my drain clog issues.

DrainX 25 FT Heavy Duty, Ergonomic Load Support Drain Auger, or to shorten it, DrainX, like the name the company, is an all-around tool for your pipes. Excluding porcelain toilets, this bad boy can solve almost all of your pipe worries! Scum, gunk and hair removal for your sink and toilets? As easy as 1, 2, 3. With a twenty five foot drain auger or snake, it can zigzag to the most complicated spots and remove whatever’s been clogging your pipes. With three kids in the house, our pipes can become a mystery nightmare overnight. Save yourself a big plumbing bill by unclogging your drain on your own! It's easy to use and with a patented thumb support grip, you won’t drop it while working, but have a nice firm grip. A must have for both professional and amateur plumbers; it even has a warranty that can guarantee and reassure you about its quality.

For $24.99 on Amazon, it's a bargain for me and my family. No need to contact the plumber ever again!

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