Spinfeed Drain Auger
Spinfeed Drain Auger
Spinfeed Drain Auger
Spinfeed Drain Auger

Spinfeed Drain Auger

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Auto Extend and Retract Snake with Advanced Spinfeed Mechanism. Compact designed spinfeed electric drain cleaner is a cost efficient and versatile tool for any household or professional, portable for easy navigation & placement. Two way spinfeed mechanism easily advances and retracts cable, preventing any bodily injury as well as mitigates contact with harmful microorganisms that infest any rugged surfaces.

  • Ideal for minor tasks as well as stubborn and frequent clogs that does not warrant a visit from an expensive plumbing service provider.
  • Enclosed drum with protective casing for maximum safety, remember to always wear eye protection and work gloves while operating this tool.
  • Unclogs most household drain clogs and does not require professional training, make sure to read instruction manuals and wear safety equipment as mentioned.
  • Features a center-balanced grip that helps improve control and offers an effortless operation.
  • Can be operated manually or with an attached drill motor (drill not included with package).
  • Pipe capacity - ½” to 1-1/2”
  • Cable thickness - ¼”
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